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Action Wizards

Action wizards are simplified, web-based forms to help create custom Drafts actions. These actions could be created directly in Drafts, but these wizards make it a bit simpler to get started with custom actions.

These forms operate client-side in your web browser to construct an import URL for the action. No data is ever submitted to a server - just use these forms in a web browser on a device (iOS or Mac) with Drafts installed. Fill out the requested information in the wizard, and use the “Install Action” button on the form. Drafts will launch and prompt you to select an action groups to add the action.

Available Wizards

  • Messages Action Wizard
    • Create iMessage actions configured to specific recipients, so you are one tap away from sending to friends, family, or groups you message often.
  • Mail Action Wizard
    • Create email actions with pre-defined recipients. Great for group emails, with support for To, CC, and BCC recipients.