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Theme Builder

Theme Builder is a tool to make modifications and tweaks to Drafts Themes.

To load an existing theme into Theme Builder from a JSON or `.draftsTheme` file, select the file and click the "Load Theme" button.

Themes can also be loaded directly from the Drafts Directory by browsing to a them you would like to modify, and using the "Open in Theme Builder" link.


tint  tintAlternate
Action Bar

# text.heading01
# text.heading02
# text.heading03
# text.heading04
# text.heading05
# text.heading06
> text.quotation
* text.normal


Scopes define the appearance of text elements in the editor, include font sizing, styles, and colors. Which scopes are used for text are derived from syntax highlighting definition in use and may vary by syntax. The most commonly modified scopes are marked in bold, with descriptions based on use in built-in Markdown syntaxes. [docs]

Named colors which can be referenced in scopes. [docs]

Colors for interface elements. [docs]


After configuring options, use the "Install Theme" button to install in Drafts. Drafts will launch, and you will be prompted confirm installation. Alternately, use the "Download Theme" button to export the theme as a file which can be imported at a later date to drafts, or back into the Theme Builder.

Install Theme Download Theme